The Three Pillars

Providing infrastructure and education to schools and communities everywhere

Access to
safe water

Lack of access to clean drinking water represents one of the most significant barriers to health and development in many communities. Swarovski Waterschool works hand-in-hand with local partners to identify, establish, and implement solutions that provide clean water to local schools and communities, solving both long- and short-term water related challenges.


Participatory teaching and learning is key to understanding the importance of water and sanitation in the greater context of health and education for sustainable development. Swarovski Waterschool programs engage with classroom teachers to empower children between the ages of eight to fifteen with the knowledge and skills necessary to take local actions improve local environments.

Access to
sanitation facilities

Access to sanitation and hygiene education in schools promotes healthy lifeskills, improved learning, and fewer absences from school, especially for girls. Swarovski Waterschool programs work with local communities to provide sanitation facilities and improve handwashing at schools.

The Four Goals

Our vision for the future focuses primarily on four of the 17 United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. Like the 193 countries who agreed to these bold dreams in 2015, Swarovski Waterschools know that focusing on both the people and the planet is the cornerstone to achieving sustainable development. Each school considers this through:

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